Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Poem - The Eluvium Bar

I walked into the Eluvium Bar
a cheer went up 
the aliens recognising the dig as an art form
I definitely made an impression last night
“pity the pithy poet” roared Zmurofska, one of the actor bouncers
“beat it” I shouted back
the stalky people in the corner fell over laughing
and the free drink began to flow
she was there too, her mad red eyes glancing towards me
I blew her a kiss for badness to get the row going
watching the ripple effect in frowns circling out
how big a pebble I wondered
almost ducking in response to the hate wave reflected back
from all the admirers
her red eyes were something else
all the tall dark brunettes in my life fading with every parsec
I edged up to the bar, no elbows, trying to be mannerly 
as well as polite to the bartender with 4 arms and 2 mean rights
jesus it started to make some sort of sense, the engines were volcanic
so much for ‘the final frontier’ we were at it, on it and in it
I could feel the chaos sliding towards me, the ESP shots starting to work
the triangular candle trying to tilt enough to light the long fuse
the bar counter aiding and abetting by leaning back into the roll, 
catching a few newcomers unawares, 
I tried hard not to laugh but it was too late,
like a dying canary warming up, puffing up 
humming its own song of doom
the gravity made the fights relatively harmless
tell that to my black eye
‘you need to learn karate’
the whisper from grandfather on old earth
a truism valid 
for any galaxy

This is a little poem that was submitted to an excellent and really most imaginative competition;- Ó Bhéal Five Words International Poetry Competition - congratulations to the winner Don Nixon. 

The deal - they gave you 5 words and you had to make a poem, the five words for this poem were;-
  • eluvium 
  • red
  • pithy 
  • volcanic
  • candle 

by Des Donnelly