Sunday, June 19, 2011

Poem - Living in Paris Pigalle

Once upon a time, soon, I would like..
to go and live in Pigalle
just for a month or two, probably
be the ubiquitous unknown poet
see sex and pseudo love and sadness
emulsified into one emotion
watch the whores waltz and the dancing girls dally
admire their French accents
at a distance
sip absinthe early in the doubtful days
then talk to the elephant behind the Rouge
watch the faithful clamber up to perch on Montmartre
soak up the culture of the performers
all the way from Africa
maybe like is not a strong enough word
to be a poet in Paris
and become what I might have been
doing these deeds in detail
scratching subconsciously
at the opaque glass of a tomorrow


Albert Maignan - La muse verte

Alas the sad elephant behind Moulin Rouge was removed in the early 1900's however with the correct shade of absinthe it may be possible that it will reappear...

Pigalle by Alberto Pozzi 1947

Place Pigalle in winter by Edouard-Léon Cortes