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I am an Irish poet born (Nov, 1955) in County Tyrone in north Ireland.

I have a special regard and admiration for the poet scorned or persecuted in their lifetime, among these are the Russian, Marina Tsvetaeva, the Czech poet Vladimir Holan and the Monaghan man, Patrick Kavanagh. I take only joy from the recognition awarded to Irish poets John Montague and Seamus Heaney and like many many thousands of people globally I gain great pleasure and inspiration from their poetry.

I am particularly interested in the Russian Acmeist movement and especially the Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova. I can say that I had not read anything until I read these lines from her poem Requiem;-

"In those years only the dead smiled,
Glad to be at rest:
And Leningrad city swayed like
A needless appendix to its prisons."

My focus is on the immediacy of poetry, the emotion or reaction consigned to paper and indicative of the moment of love or hate or sadness or the mix of conflicting emotions that were the inspiration. A little of what I write I like and often readers of my poems express genuine appreciation..
.... what more can be expected in these transient times.

       Des Donnelly


Stanley Kunitz once said;

"Some days I have an obstinate fondness for all my poems.
Other days I dislike them intensely. "


My work has been translated into Turkish by Dr. Nesrin Eruysal,  published in an anthology of Tyrone poets and via Staxtes, Right Hand Pointing, Poetseers, New Mirage Journal. A few years back I was recipient of an award from the Arts Council for a collaboration with textile artist Clare McCarroll.

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Des Donnelly @ Delphi

such a moment in ones life
to stand in the circle at Delphi
and listen to the shimmering heat


A few years back I reached the milestone of 1 million views of my writing on Hubpages, (under my pseudonym Drax).

I am delighted with this and would like to thank all my readers, friends and fans for their support. I am indebted to Paul Edmondson (CEO of Hubpages at the time) and all his staff and I would recommend Hubpages as an excellent platform for any writer. Sign up here

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