Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poem - Autumn Flirts with Winter

The blood tinged red of Autumn

Fading to a cold blue

As he Stumbles to his knees

The bleeding leaves fluttering

In the cold hand of Winter

Her body already gaunt

Stretched in anticipation of lean times

Plucking the last few leaves

From the grasp of Autumn

Unseen unbidden unwelcome

Yet the bodies of the seasons ebb and flow

Coupling briefly at the borders of their domains

While down down below

The little people shiver

In their hearts the fire of Spring smoulders

And Summer's full bosom beckons

In the far distance a beacon

To be heralded in due course

By the whisper of trumpet

Carried on a soft sensual wind


Inspiration from this image of same title by Martin Murphy, used with permission, thanks Martin :-)