Friday, July 01, 2005

Poem - Thursday Bread

we went to GUM

to look at the shortages on display

and when there

bought some essential items

some socialist realist soap wash off the capitalist dust

some workers raw wax make the post Soviet candles

and finally half a loaf

we counted out our dollar-kopeks

and travelled back to the apartment-prison in comfort

smug with the decadence of our purchases

yet confident that the bread would last to thursday



I was back and forward to Moscow for work in the early nineties and this poem refers to the GUM of circa 1993..

GUM, Red Square - Moscow
GUM, Red Square - Moscow
GUM Moscow
GUM Moscow

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Poem - Alien Snail

 Alien Snail 


the alien snail

laboured across the doorstep

oblivious to the acid blood etched path

she left behind

her space ship shell disintegrating in earth pressure

she struggled to communicate

with the dumb earthling

not even one of top 50 galactic languages 

in vogue here on earth

of all places in the whole fucking universe

to crash but earth

and to die in ignominy

here goes 

one last attempt to insert data 

into the stupid human’s head

ahhh thank Zeus 

a poet….

I Rasqulinafactolfortobi 

from the planet Melfilpintada 6 

will not be forgotten

I will live forever

here poet….