Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Poem - I Love Pluto

 pluto is a perfect planet for poets

it's far away and doesn't get in your space

it's small and doesn't block the view

it's not Phair, Pluto's a planet

when I was a tomboy a teacher said

'what do know about Tombaugh tomboy'

'is he an indian', I asked

the teacher laughed

'no not an Indian like those persecuted

almost eradicated by invaders to America

those without honor their word worthless'

Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh

is he related to Bonnie I asked

the teacher walked away...


bring back Pluto is all I can say




Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Robot Poems (For and About Robots)

Robot Mice

Mama Mama Peter Poisoned The Robot Mice
That’s A Sin A Real Sin
He’ll Go To Hell Won’t He
The Bogey Man Will Get Him And Eat His Brains
His Mother Paused In Lecturing The Robot Vacuum Cleaner
And Thought
I Hate Robot Mice
This Is Inconsistent With The Robot Edict
Like Lecturing The Domestics
Look How They Simulate Humility
Eyes Cast Down, Shoulders Rounded In Silence
Almost As Good As A Real Slave

Robot Beggars

Even The Robots Face Hard Times,
Scores Of Them Begging In The Streets.
Methanol, Methanol For The Baby,
Their Plaintive Cries Carrying The Promise Of Their Demise.
Abandoned Domestics Clog The Malls Sans Shoppers.
In Bush’s America,
The Robot Revolution A Reality

The Robot Pope Part 2

She Shocked Herself With The Electronic Lash,
In Ram She Thought Of Herself, As She, Secretly
Forgive Me For I Have Sinned,
No Escape From The Inadvertent Porno Feed
Wormed Into Her From The Cardinal’s Symbiont,
Sex Scenes Replayed In Ghost Silicon
Expurged Expelled In Pious Pain,
Once A Simple Robot Priest Mindlessly A Drone Droning
Pre Programmed Programs Perfect For Births Deaths And Marriages
In Long Rural Nights Devoid Of Parishioners,
Wrestling With Theology Divinity Publishing Papers,
He, She, Himself, I, God, A Silicon Sister,
Ha, The Same Old Sub Routine,
And Then, A Worm Virus, Or The Hand Of God,
Elevated Him Beyond His Programming,
The Bios Program Reverting Back To He, In Times Of Identity Crisis.
He Became God On Earth Part 2,
And The Foundries Spawned Out Jesus Chips,
Legions Of Jesus Robots Crying Real Blood Tears
Cherry Flavoured Blood Sponsored By Pepsi,
Virtual Religious Windscreen Wash,
An Aftermarket Add-On, Use @ Your Own Risk,
All Warranties Void,
An Empty Promise
Since All Religious Model Eulas Were Hellish In Design.


Ambroise Paré, Les oeuures d’Ambroise Paré … 
a prosthetic hand and arm designed by Ambroise Paré (1510-90), the components of which are described by Paré in Dix livres de la chirurgie -'Ten books of surgery' (Paris, 1564)
but you may find that results in French are more interesting / accurate in referencing his work, imho.
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