Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Poem - Reincarnated Bones..

Reincarnated Bones..


the body a soft cover over reincarnated bones

new to the human game 

shedding shards of a previous life for stagger and stumble

they struggle with their rise to full consciousness

meanwhile us the worms grovel mindlessly

and in our boredom meander in mud

only for the music

the resonance of music triggers cellular memories

collectively the group mind pines for past awareness

in that flash of former life I stand between the dimensions

paralysed by the before and after 

of what I was and I am to become

I wonder will god talk to me when I am a worm

or will I the worm care about his words

will words transcend the transitional dilemma I face

falling from human  through mineral and vegetable to animal

conversely worms are the building block

the soil that feeds the vegetable to the animal

so smugly I am a little god

talking organically to a big god

comparing experiences of life in the dimensions

far beyond that which is experienced by poor mortals

chained to their material existence

constrained by their social conscience

captured by their capriciousness

they hang to life 

long after the dynamic stage has passed and faded

as their pathetic journey towards the ultimate sacrifice

food for the worm god

I atone 

They atone 

We atone