Saturday, January 13, 2018

"Shithole" 0.1 World 3.23

Expressing Donald Trump's latest faux pas in goals and points is appropriate - he is definitely losing it (of course I am making a very big assumption that he ever had it)

The EU are starting to focus on fake news and if ever there was a better example of the press and indeed countries failing to:-

1. inform their citizens of the exact parameters

2. meet a challenge head on and deal with it as if it was real

here are recent reactions / interpretations / coverage of the "Trump shithole" story:-

Taiwan’s = niao bu sheng dan de guo jia”, which means “countries where birds don’t lay eggs”.
China, the People’s Daily “countries that suck”, 
Vietnam’s Youth newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City “rubbish states”. 
Greece’s daily Ta Nea “thieving countries”.
France’s Le Monde “pays de merde” – shit countries. 
French news site, Courrier International “trou a merde”, or hole of shit.

Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza “imigrantach z zadupia”, immigrants from either shitholes, hellholes or “nowhere”.

South of the border or beyond the 'wall' the reaction is a little different:-

La Pagina in El Salvador “agujeros de mier…” = “shitholes”.
Haiti’s Le Nouvelliste “un trou de merde”.
Botswana's Ambassador is asking the US to clarify if Botswana is regarded as a “shithole” country.” 

Ireland may well qualify as a shithole - (I'll not single out specific counties or cities or towns or parishes) since that would take too long - nonetheless and in all seriousness it is a privilege to stand (ass to ass) with our sisters and brothers in Africa and Latin America ;-)

"¡Hasta la victoria siempre!" ("Until victory, always!").

Ps: I'm sure my loyal readers will understand why this commentary does not have images <g>

Friday, January 12, 2018

Is Nothing Sacred ;-)

alas Donald Trump has now ruined the image search for "Pretty Korean Lady... lol

You may say so what big deal, but the photo matrix will never be the same with Donald stuck in the middle of it :-)

thankfully one could simply use:- 

pretty korean lady -trump

I'm trying to resist the temptation to followup on the shithole story from the Guardian, but...

Monday, January 01, 2018

Friday, December 15, 2017

israeli brutality continues so what? do nothing be nothing see nothing ..yeah then FO

Photo courtesy Ahmad Gharabli & Sputnik
Women react as an Israeli mounted policeman disperses Palestinian protesters on December 9, 2017, in East Jerusalem.

The barbarism being inflicted on Palestine by the israelis must be halted, if the Arab world has lost their conscience then the Christians must act... and beyond that the Irish and beyond that Tyrone.. we would not or could not tolerate this...

people ask me sure what can I do?

if you have to ask that then you are not capable of doing anything so go back to your bed cry in your pillow about all the injustice and how you are... 

  • not able to do anything 
  • not able to be anything 
  • not able to change anything... 

be useless if you want... :-(

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Refugee

The cracks and groans of the house in the wind
like an old ship tied up dry.
The shrivelled dreams and shreds of flag
flap their last goodbye.

To foreign lands in a paper boat,
I’ll seek compassion there.
In shackled chains and shanty camps
I’ll find a home, beware.

Our blood it runs from Yankee guns,
seemingly mysteriously delivered. 
NATO there with a cold hard stare,
contemptuously conniving in the killing.

In secret cells near worn out bells
we’ll plot and plan for homecoming.
Though such a thing is a journey far,
in a world turned mad and loathing. 

it is somewhat interesting to note that I hawked this poem around all over the place and failed to get publication... (of course perhaps it is rubbish, the poem) the same time we have a problem... people cowed down / hiding in their kitchens so politically correct and not able to say fuck off.. I consider the loss of this functionality to be a major problem... ;-)

Des Donnelly

Karma.. "tell masa I'm coming back"

Dominique Christina

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Remember Fontenoy Always

May 11
By Thomas Osborne Davis (1814–1845)      

THRICE at the huts of Fontenoy the English column failed,
And twice the lines of St. Antoine the Dutch in vain assailed;
For town and slope were guarded with fort and artillery,
And well they swept the English ranks and Dutch auxiliary.
As vainly through De Barri’s wood the British soldiers burst,        5
The French artillery drove them back, diminished and dispersed.
The bloody Duke of Cumberland beheld with anxious eye,
And ordered up his last reserve, his latest chance to try.
On Fontenoy, on Fontenoy, how fast his generals ride!
And mustering come his chosen troops, like clouds at eventide.        10

Six thousand English veterans in stately column tread,
Their cannon blaze in front and flank, Lord Hay is at their head;
Steady they step a-down the slope—steady they climb the hill—
Steady they load—steady they fire, moving right onward still
Betwixt the wood and Fontenoy, as though a furnace blast,        15
Through rampart, trench, and palisade, and bullets showering fast;
And on the open plain above they rose, and kept their course,
With ready fire and steadiness, that mocked at hostile force.
Past Fontenoy, past Fontenoy, while thinner grow their ranks,
They break, as broke the Zuyder Zee through Holland’s ocean banks.        20

More idly than the summer flies French tirailleurs rush round;
As stubble to the lava tide, French squadrons strew the ground;
Bombshell, and grape, and round shot tore, still on they marched and fired—
Fast from each volley grenadier and voltigeur retired.
“Push on, my household cavalry,” King Louis madly cried:        25
To death they rush, but rude their shock—not unavenged they died.
On through the camp the column trod—King Louis turns his rein;
“Not yet, my liege,” Saxe interposed, “the Irish troops remain;”
And Fontenoy, famed Fontenoy, had been a Waterloo,
Were not these exiles ready then, fresh, vehement, and true.        30

“Lord Clare,” he says, “you have your wish—there are your Saxon foes;”
The marshal almost smiles to see, so furiously he goes!
How fierce the look these exiles wear, who’re wont to be so gay!
The treasured wrongs of fifty years are in their hearts to-day—
The treaty broken ere the ink wherewith ’twas writ could dry,        35
Their plundered homes, their ruined shrines, their women’s parting cry,
Their priesthood hunted down like wolves, their country overthrown—
Each looks as if revenge for all rested on him alone.
On Fontenoy, on Fontenoy, nor ever yet elsewhere,
Rushed on to fight a nobler band than these proud exiles were.        40

O’Brien’s voice is hoarse with joy, as, halting, he commands,
“Fix bayonets—charge.” Like mountain storms rush on these fiery bands!
Thin is the English column now, and faint their volleys grow,
Yet, mustering all the strength they have, they make a gallant show.
They dress their ranks upon the hill to face that battle-wind—        45
Their bayonets the breakers’ foam; like rocks, the men behind!
One volley crashes from their line, when, through the surging smoke,
With empty guns clutched in their hands, the headlong Irish broke.
On Fontenoy, on Fontenoy, hark to that fierce huzzah!
“Revenge! remember Limerick! dash down the Sassenach.”        50
Like lions leaping at a fold when mad with hunger’s pang,
Right up against the English line the Irish exiles sprang.
Bright was their steel, ’tis bloody now, their guns are filled with gore;
Through shattered ranks, and severed files, and trampled flags they tore.
The English strove with desperate strength, paused, rallied, staggered, fled—        55
The green hill-side is matted close with dying and with dead.
Across the plain and far away passed on that hideous wrack,
While cavalier and fantassin dash in upon their track,
On Fontenoy, on Fontenoy, like eagles in the sun,
With bloody plumes the Irish stand—the field is fought and won!

A village in Belgium. Here, on May 11, 1745, the French under Marshal Saxe defeated the allied English, Dutch and Hanoverians under the Duke of Cumberland.

The Irish fighting alongside the French (as 500,000 Irish did for France) covered themselves with glory.

more on Thomas Osborne Davis

Thursday, March 16, 2017