Sunday, February 24, 2019

the israeli terrorists & gutless Irish

so let the gutless Irish go support the israeli terrorists
the abuse of power
the killing of children
the theft of land
over the top of Lebanon
in amongst the child killers
the 'brave' israelis
how far does Europe extend
who took the bribe in the first place?


Monday, February 18, 2019

The Famous Dangerous Yamila Cartannilica

Used with permission: thanks Y of Avellaneda

Cartannilica the Dangerous

the grainy wanted poster not doing her justice
but then it did say dead or alive
I carried it in my wallet for 10 years
her elusiveness running with the reward
searching now among the statues
evidence of her abounds...

Cartannilica la peligrosa

El granulado cartel no era suficiente para ella.
pero entonces estaba vivo o muerto
La cargué en mi billetera por 10 años.
su elusividad corriendo con la recompensa
buscando ahora entre las estatuas
La evidencia de Cartannilica abunda