Monday, September 08, 2014

Note: September Poems

Dear friends and readers

as always a busy and creative summer and now a hunker down into the dark oppressiveness of winter, but first the most valuable gold in the world - the gold of autumn :-)  .. how could you not be carried off on a flight of fancy on the back of sunbrowned leaves floating away on a placid stream to new endings or old beginnings..

As always I welcome (and seriously appreciate) your comments and observations. As a sort of beaujolais nouveau approach an appropriate quotation is one from the great French poet, essayist, and philosopher...  
Paul Valéry

"In the eyes of those lovers of perfection, a work is never finished - a word that for them has no sense - but abandoned; and this abandonment, whether to the flames or to the public (and which is the result of weariness or an obligation to deliver) is a kind of an accident to them, like the breaking off of a reflection, which fatigue, irritation, or something similar has made worthless."  
~Paul Valéry.