Friday, October 15, 2021

Allie and Daisy

It is so interesting and encouraging to look at what is happening in creative space and in terms of artists - none more so than Allie Sherlock.

With almost 5m subscribers she has more right to speak for Ireland (than many) and so should be appointed our creative Ambassador (and paid by the Govt of Ireland - tighten up now Govt, get into the digital domain ffs)

Over the years I've seen her move from better to great and now to fantastic, so professional so polished... 

I was so impressed with Allie giving space to Daisy a lock of days ago... and so impressed with Daisy - fair play to ya Daisy :-) 

..the Allie Sherlocks channel

so a wee poem


up se Daisy
as old saying
ah jaysus Daisy with Sherlock
such magic
almost like a godfather 
I’ve watched Allie Sherlock grow up
good becoming better becoming fantastic
such hope I feel for Ireland
'away from the maddening crowd'
focusing on the music on the craic
on our unique perspective
up se Daisy the personification
a mighty performance beyond her years
the hug of gratitude saying it all
for all...